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Are You Seeking a New General or Cosmetic Dentist for You and Your Family?

I know from listening to people over the last 25 years that when it comes to choosing a dentist patients have similar questions and concerns. They want to know…

What are the differences between dentists? How do you know if they will be sensitive to your needs? Will they talk at a level you can understand? Is their office warm and inviting? Do staff members take a personal interest in your dental health? Are their fees reasonable? What is their reputation in the community? What makes a dental practice trustworthy?

Three Important Questions You Should Ask When Seeking A Dental Practice For You and Your Family

1.  Does the dentist perform a comprehensive oral examination?

Many patients aren’t certain what it means to have a comprehensive oral exam. It’s the most critical step in establishing your current dental health. This information will determine your current and future treatment needs. It should include:

  • An external evaluation of your head and neck
  • An evaluation of your temporomandibular joints. Also known as TMJ.
  • An evaluation of the soft tissues within the mouth (cancer screening).
  • Evaluation of the alignment of your teeth and the way in which your upper and lower teeth fit together
  • Evaluation of each tooth individually for decay and condition of fillings
  • Perhaps most importantly, an evaluation and measurement of your gums

Finally, all this information should be coupled with a complete series of X-rays to facilitate a thorough diagnosis of your dental health.

2.  What is the dentist’s overall philosophy toward your treatment?

  • Does the dentist share with you all of his or her findings so you can partner together to determine your overall treatment plan?
  • Does the Dentist make you aware of your treatment options along with the associated risks and benefits?
  • Does your dentist help you walk the road you wish to walk?

3.  Are the dentist and the staff sensitive to your needs?

  • Does your dentist strive to accommodate your schedule?
  • Are patients who are experiencing pain or an emergency problem treated with compassion?
  • Are they accommodated into the dentist’s schedule as soon as possible?

It’s critical that your dentist provide thorough dentistry, not just for the sake of healthy teeth and gums, but also for the health of your entire body. Research shows that dental health directly impacts your overall health; Oral inflammation has been related to stroke and heart attack.

Attention Now Can Save You Time, Money and Unnecessary Pain Later

Finally, a patient should never feel embarrassment about their dental condition; we are here to help you. I like to think of myself and our well-trained staff as your guide lighting the way so that you can maintain the best oral health possible for you and your family.

A small amount of attention now may save you time, money and unnecessary pain later. Call our office (248) 855-3435 to set up your comprehensive oral examine.