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Most people know someone who fears going to the dentist. For many people this fear developed from a specific dental event in childhood.

Usually their feelings were dismissed and treatment was performed against their will. It shouldn’t be this way. Imagine your child asking…
“When do I get to come back to the dentist?”

My goal in treating my young patients is to create an environment where they know they can trust and that I am on their side and their feelings will be honored; If a child needs to stop for a break, or because they are sensing something, all they need to do is raise their hand and we stop treatment immediately. This gives the child a comforting sense of control.

Respect, Fun and Laughter

This simple act of respect for your child along with an environment that is fun and filled with laughter often causes children to ask, “When do I get to come back to the dentist?”

Throughout my tenure as a general dentist, I have had a special interest in pediatric dentistry. Here you’ll find five of the most common questions parents have about their child’s dental experience.

The Five Questions Most Parents Ask About Their Child’s Dental Experience..

  1.  When should a child start seeing the dentist? We recommend three years of age. All the baby teeth should be exposed by then and may even have already suffered decay that could require treatment.
  2.  Do baby teeth really need treatment since they will eventually be lost? Baby teeth preserve space for the permanent teeth to grow into. Loss of a baby tooth can allow shifting of the remaining teeth, which can make it difficult if not impossible for the permanent teeth to erupt normally.  Baby teeth can sense pain and suffer serious infections just as adult teeth do. An abscess in a baby tooth can severely impact your child’s general health.
  3.  Are parents allowed into the treatment rooms with their children? Dentist’s attitudes on this subject vary; Some never allow parents to be present during their child’s treatment. We welcome parents to join us in the treatment room. We feel this is comforting to a child. We will in many  cases have mom or dad hold their child on their lap during their appointment.
  4.  Who will care for my child?  I personally perform all treatment for my little patients including the cleaning. I feel this helps us develop a relationship where a child is comfortable. It lets them know I will be patient and respectful of their feelings.
  5.  Do I have to miss work in order for my child to receive treatment? We offer appointments until 8 PM two evenings each week. We also work one Saturday per month..

My staff and I look forward to helping your child to have a fun, caring and positive dental experience — along with a beautiful smile. Our goal is to work with parents to help their child to develop good oral hygiene habits that will serve them throughout their life.

Call our office (248) 855-3435 to make an appointment. I look forward to meeting with you and your child.