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About Dr. Mark Frizzo

Dr. Frizzo grew up in the Detroit area and received his doctoral degree from the University of Detroit Dental School.  He has been married for over 30 years and has a son and a daughter, who are twins.  Dr. Frizzo loves the outdoors; he is an avid hiker, hunter and fisherman. 

Some thoughts from Dr. Frizzo regarding dentistry…

 “I am so grateful for my profession and the people it has allowed me to meet and care for.  I am also so grateful for my wonderful, loving staff!  I want to provide my patients with a thorough diagnosis of their dental health and then help them determine the treatment that best serves them.  My staff and I will provide our patients the same level of care we would our own families.  We will listen.  We will be kind and patient.  We will be good servants of our patients’ needs.”   ~ Dr. Mark G. Frizzo