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When looking at photos from 100 years ago you quickly note how few people smiled in those photos (above inside video is an actual Frizzo family circa 1910); dentistry had few answers for the aesthetic problems of that time.

  • Too dark
  • Chipped or broken
  • Worn
  • Too small
  • Widely spaced apart
  • Missing
  • Crowded and out of position

People no longer need to hide problems with their teeth by not smiling!

If you are seeking to improve your smile or cosmetic appearance then allow me to introduce myself.  I am Dr. Mark Frizzo. For more than twenty-five years I’ve been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry in the Farmington Hills area. Seeing people from all walks of life transform their face into a more confident smile brings me great joy.

After working together to improve their cosmetic appearance people typically say,
“Why did I wait so long to do this?”

There are usually four key issues that cause people to put off the improvement of their smile. These four typical concerns can be easily overcome and lead you to a smile you’re proud of in personal, work or social situations.

The Four Reasons Why People Put Off Improving the Cosmetic Appearance of Their Teeth

  1.  Embarrassment: prevents many people from bringing up the issue. Some learn to conceal their teeth when they talk or smile. Often times people see their teeth as a shortcoming or feel bad about their smile. This has an impact on how they communicate in personal relationships and can limit their advancement in the workplace.
  2.  Affordability: Many people didn’t get dental care growing up because it was considered an unaffordable luxury. They have lived with the embarrassment of knowing that the technology is available to improve their smile but aren’t sure they can afford it.
  3.  Priority: People will often put off cosmetic enhancements as not really being necessary. They know they would look and feel better about themselves. But they have not made improving their smile a priority in their busy life. Often times they’ve earmarked time and funds to other things because they are not sure how significant a difference it will actually make.
  4.  Insurance: Some patients assume that because they don’t have dental insurance they can’t afford cosmetic improvement of their smile.

Research into human behavior has shown that an attractive smile benefits us both in our personal relationships and business.

A beautiful smile portrays youth, vitality and good health. Never allow embarrassment to hold you back from improving your smile. Fees for treatment vary with what a patient needs and desires. Insurance generally covers very few cosmetic procedures, yet most doctors offer payment plans that make procedures very affordable for the average person. New materials and techniques have minimized time in the chair needed to improve our smiles.